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North Macedonia: Simplified limited liability company

The amendments of the Law on trade companies from September 2021 enabled the establishment of the limited liability company with symbolic minimum amount of the initial monetary investment of 1 euro, by the persons-citizens who have an idea for running a business, but they don’t have enough assets in amount of at least 5.000 euros founding capital, to start their own business.

Serbia: Notice on change of the deadline for establishing the E-Archive

Application of regulations on the storage of archival material in electronic form has been postponed until 1 January 2024, in accordance with the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Uniform Technological – Technical Requirements and Procedures for the Storage and Protection of Archival Material and Documentary Material in Electronic Form.

Slovenia: Entry in the Slovenian Tax Register and obtainment of Slovenian tax number

If a legal person wants to conduct business in the Republic of Slovenia it will have to sign in to the Slovenian tax register and therefore obtain a Slovenian tax number. Legal persons are entered into the Slovenian tax register either ex-officio by the relevant authorities based on data from the Business Register of Slovenia or based on the legal person’s application to enter the tax register, submitted to the tax office by a legal person on a special form.

Slovenia: Quick ABC's of Slovenian Companies Nomenclature

When it comes to conducting business, Slovenia is not much different to other European countries. Taking this into consideration, a logical predisposition to conduct business is of course that a foreign person or legal entity opens a company in the form of one of the presented companies.

Kosovo: Summary of foreign investment and general rules of opening a business

In short informative points, information in one place on the rules for opening businesses and the manner of foreign investments in Kosovo, registration procedures, registration of trademarks, energy legislation and much more.

Serbia: Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Utilization of Energy

The Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Utilization of Energy, which entered into force in late April of last year, is part of the energy package of laws that were adopted simultaneously and replaces the previous Law on Efficiency Utilization of Energy. Goals have centered around achieving energy savings, reducing the impact of the energy sector on the environment and climate change, security of its supply, etc.

Serbia: Law on the Registration Procedure in the Business Registers Agency

Even though in force since late last year, the Law on the Registration Procedure in the Business Registers Agency has certain provisions whose application is delayed for November 2022 (verifying documents and signing of electronic applications by lawyers), respectively May 2023 (solely electronic submission of applications for company establishment).

Serbia: Keep it Personal

With the support of OSCE, the Serbian Commissioner for Personal Data Protection initiated a new campaign with the aim to promote the importance of the right to privacy and adequate personal data protection.

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