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The EU Blue Card: Important advantage for highly qualified workers outside the EU

The EU Blue Card in Slovenia is issued by the administrative unit and confirmed by The Employment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. A foreigner must apply for the first issue of an EU Blue Card at Embassy of Slovenia abroad. The employer can also submit a request for the first issue of an EU Blue Card to the competent administrative unit in Slovenia. An application for the extension of an EU Blue Card can be submitted to the competent administrative unit by a foreigner or his employer before its validity expires.

Before issuing the card, Slovenia will take into account the domestic labour market, for example a high unemployment rate. Administrative unit can also refuse an application for an EU Blue Card or its extension, if there is a proven threat to public security.

In order to prove that applicant’s level of education is high enough (at least a university education), applicant must be issued a decision or opinion of the competent authority in Slovenia for the recognition or evaluation of education. In Slovenia, opinions are issued by the ENIC-NARIC centre. Applicant must also have already signed employment contract for at least one year. The Slovenian employers must provide highly skilled workers a salary in the amount of at least 1.5 times the average annual gross salary in Slovenia.

EU Blue Card also enables workers to apply for residence permits for family members as soon as they obtain the permit for themselves.

The EU Blue Card in Slovenia can be issued for 2 years, and it can be renewed for up to three years. If the employment contract is concluded for a shorter period, an EU Blue Card is issued for a period that is 3 months longer than the validity of the employment contract but may not exceed two years.

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