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Serbia: Digitization of the cadastral system, significant changes to two laws

Find detailed information on the amendments and supplements to the Law on State Survey and Cadaster and the Law on the Registration Procedure with the Cadaster of Real Estate and Utilities which came into effect on 4 November 2023. The changes aim to digitize the entire cadastral system, improve the transparency, availability, and reliability of the real estate management system in the Republic of Serbia, and improve the efficiency of registration, management and distribution of data on real estate, infrastructure and rights on the same.

Serbia: Electronic archiving

1 January 2024 marks the beginning of application of the Regulation regulating electronic archiving, i.e. the technical and technological requirements and procedures to be fulfilled by the creators and holders of archival material and documentary material when storing and protecting archival material and documentary material in electronic form.

Serbia: Green construction and improvement of energy efficiency in buildings

The Law on Amendments to the Planning and Construction Act, which entered into force on 4 August, introduces, among other, novelties in the field of green construction and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Slovenia: Recent changes to the Companies Act with emphasis on cross-border transformation, mergers and divisions of companies

On the 28th of June 2023, the Slovenian National Assembly adopted Amendments to the Companies Act (ZGD-1L). This amendment came into effect on the 25th of July 2023 and incorporates significant changes and innovations related to online company formation, cross-border transformations, mergers, divisions of companies, and updates in the field of the Slovenian Business Register, all in pursuit of achieving a more digitalized and streamlined operation within the internal market of the European Union.

Serbia: Eliminating of conversion fees

By entry into force of the Law on Amendments to the Planning and Construction Act on 4 August 2023, the Law on the Conversion of the Right of Use into Ownership Right on Construction Land with a Fee ceased to be in effect. one of the most significant novelties of the Law is the elimination of fees for conversion from the right of use into the ownership right of construction land.

Serbia: Agreement on Film Co-Production with Italy

Under the new agreement, co-productions deemed as “national works”, regardless of their genre (feature, animated, documentary), are entitled to all the benefits arising from applicable laws and regulations within the territories of both countries.

Serbia: Unified permit for temporary residence and work of foreigners

Amendments to the Law on Foreigners and Law on Employment of Foreigners aim to further facilitate and accelerate the procedure for approving temporary residence, i.e. permanent residence of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia. While some solutions brought by these Amendments came into force immediately after the law was passed at the beginning of August this year, the most important changes shall be applicable from 1 February 2024.

Slovenia: Tax rate regarding transaction of property

VAT plays an important role in the sale of property by an entity that is a taxable person, therefore is obligated to charge VAT in pursuing its economic activities. In the Republic of Slovenia, VAT is regulated by the Value Added Tax Act.

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