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Serbia: Agreement on Film Co-Production with Italy

On 6 September 2023, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on the Ratification of the Agreement on Film Co-production between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Italy (“Official Gazette of the RS - International Treaties,” No. 5/2023). With entry into force of this agreement, the Agreement on Film Relations between the Government of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Government of the Republic of Italy from 1968 ceases to be in effect.

The ratification of this agreement resolves the problem that existed concerning the old agreement from 1968, as its provisions were not in line with the current regulations of the two countries. One of the main reasons for ratifying this agreement is cited as the advancement and strengthening of cultural relations between these two countries.

The agreement defines the terms “co-production” and “co-producer” and designates the Ministry of Culture and Film Center of Serbia (for the Government of the Republic of Serbia) and the Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Cinematography and Audiovisual Creation (for the Government of the Republic of Italy) as the competent authorities responsible for the implementation of this agreement. Co-production pertains to cinematographic or audiovisual works regardless of their genre (feature, animated, documentary), pursuant to the laws and regulations of both countries.

Under this agreement, co-productions deemed as “national works” are entitled to all the benefits arising from applicable laws and regulations within the territories of both countries. The specific benefits will be determined in comprehensive lists of benefits that the abovementioned competent authorities will present to each other. These benefits are granted to each producer exclusively by his/her country of residence. The same shall only be awarded to co-production projects submitted by co-producers who possess strong technical and financial capabilities along with relevant professional experience.

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