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Serbia: Notice on change of the deadline for establishing the E-Archive

Application of regulations on the storage of archival material in electronic form has been postponed until 1 January 2024, in accordance with the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Uniform Technological – Technical Requirements and Procedures for the Storage and Protection of Archival Material and Documentary Material in Electronic Form (hereinafter: the “Regulation”).

This primarily implies postponing of the deadline for establishing the eArchive, a unique archival information system at the level of the Republic of Serbia, as well as postponing of obligations imposed by the Regulation on the creators and owners of archival material in electronic form.

As a reminder, the Regulation prescribes a number of obligations concerning electronic archiving, such as the obligation to store archival material in electronic form in formats suitable for long-term storage, the obligation to adopt a list of categories of archival material to be kept with retention periods, the obligation to separate for the purpose of destruction the documentary material whose storage period has expired, obligations to use the information system for reliable electronic storage - the above-mentioned eArchive, as well as other obligations.

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