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Slovenia: Ownership of real estate by foreigners

Foreigners from a wide range of countries are interested in purchasing real estate in Slovenia. The possibility for foreigners to purchase real estate in Slovenia is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia.

Serbia: State-owned Agricultural Land for Use for Non-agricultural Purpose

The new Regulation on the Conditions, Manner and Procedure for Awarding State-owned Agricultural Land for Non-agricultural Use entered into force on 10 September 2022. Replacing its predecessor, the new regulation introduces novelties and modifies certain existing solutions.

Slovenia: Quick ABC's of Slovenian Companies Nomenclature

A person or legal entity can only open one of, with the Companies act predicted types of companies, since the field is regulated by the numerus clausus principle, meaning there is only a certain number of organizational possibilities, presented in the form of companies, from which an individual or firm can choose, when deciding to open a company in Slovenia.

Montenegro: Digital nomads

With entry into force of its Law on Amendments to the Law on Foreigners (11 August 2022), Montenegro is joining the select group of countries offering Digital Nomad visas, such as Antiqua and Barbuda, Bali, Croatia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, UAE – Dubai, Germany, Island, Turkey, Thailand, Portugal and Mexico.

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