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Montenegro: Digital nomads

With entry into force of its Law on Amendments to the Law on Foreigners (11 August 2022), Montenegro is joining the select group of countries offering Digital Nomad visas, such as Antiqua and Barbuda, Bali, Croatia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, UAE – Dubai, Germany, Island, Turkey, Thailand, Portugal and Mexico.

The Law, which presents a legal framework defining entry and residence permits for digital nomads, specifies that a digital nomad is a foreigner who is either employed by or performs tasks electronically for their own or someone else’s company not registered in Montenegro. In addition, special family reunification permits shall be made available to close family members of digital nomads (spouses, biological and adopted children 18 and under).

However, the visa can be revoked in the event a foreigner who has obtained digital nomad status subsequently founds a company or becomes an entrepreneur in Montenegro. The Ministry of Interior Affairs aims to adopt a bylaw within 90 days to define in more detail the conditions and manner of issuing permits for digital nomads and their close family members.

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