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Slovenia: Entry in the Slovenian Tax Register and obtainment of Slovenian tax number

If a legal person wants to conduct business in the Republic of Slovenia it will have to sign in to the Slovenian tax register and therefore obtain a Slovenian tax number. Legal persons are entered into the Slovenian tax register either ex-officio by the relevant authorities based on data from the Business Register of Slovenia or based on the legal person’s application to enter the tax register, submitted to the tax office by a legal person on a special form.

In this article, we will look into the entry in Slovenian tax register based on the individual application and the obtainment of a Slovenian tax number for foreign legal persons.

A person who does not have a registered office or other form of registration in the Republic of Slovenia has to submit an application for registration in the tax register to the tax office before commencing business activities in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. For entry in the Slovenian tax register, a legal person must fill out the form with all the relevant data of the firm and a copy of the company’s business register in English must also be submitted with the form. After the form is submitted, the tax office assigns a tax number to the company within eight business days or invites the company to make the necessary additions to the application.

The company’s legal representative will also have to be entered into the Slovenian tax register, if for example the company will want to acquire a VAT identification number or if a foreign company will want to acquire another company or business in Slovenia, etc. In this case, special form must be filled out, as this is used for natural persons. The company’s representative must present a copy of personal identification and other personal information. The tax number for the natural person will also usually be assigned within an eight-business day period.

An external proxy, who must have a valid Power of Attorney, can submit all forms regarding the entry in the tax register and regarding the obtainment of a tax number in the name of a foreign legal or natural person. In this case, the company will have to sign an application for external proxies, which will allow the external proxy to submit documents on the tax authorities’ web portal and the allocation of tax number is usually faster this way. External proxies are mostly law firms or attorneys therefore, we are at your disposal in case you are in need of assistance in this field.

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